First two projects implemented through City of Koprivnica Energy revolving fund

City of Koprivnica in cooperation with Agency has implemented first two projects through its Energy Revolving Fund. First implmented project is reconstruction of inner lighting in Primary school Antun Nemcic Gostovniski prior to start of new academic year. LED bulbs have been installed in all classrooms, cabinets, offices, halls and restrooms. A total of 1500 bulbs have been replaced which results in yearly savings of around 1.9K EUR. Total invesments was just belove 20K EUR. Second implemented project is is reconstruction of heating system for City library Fran Galovic where two old and energy inneficient gas boilers were substituted by one condensing boiler, insulation of thermal fluid supply system was improved and new distribution pumps were installed. Total investement was around 18.8K EUR while yearly financial savings are around 1.1K EUR.

Projected savings from these two projects are following: yearly energy savings of 32.000,00 kWh and CO2 reduction of almost 6 tons.