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One Sun Connecting North and South

The One Sun Connecting North and South project is aimed at increasing the production of electricity from solar energy and strengthening cooperation between Croatian and Norwegian public sector organizations and the academic community. The project will result in an estimated annual electricity production of 981.87 MWh from solar energy and a reduction of CO2 emissions by 155.72 tons per year.

29 pilot projects of integrated photovoltaic power plants with a total power of 0.83 MW will be implemented on public buildings in 16 Croatian cities and municipalities, and users of the facilities can experience the results of the project with an innovative augmented reality solution.

The project will enable the establishment of bilateral relations between organizations from the Republic of Croatia and the Kingdom of Norway in the field of management and promotion of energy from renewable sources with the aim of exchanging experiences, presenting examples of good practice and establishing future cooperation.

Sunny days ahead

Locations of photovoltaic power plants

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Together for green and competitive Europe

EEA Grants

Energy and Climate Change

The main goal of the “Energy and Climate Change” program of the financial mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA) is to increase the use of energy technologies, increase the security of energy supply and reduce carbon emissions in the Republic of Croatia according with the goals of the EEA and the Norwegian financial mechanism.

As part of the “Energy and Climate Change” program, almost €10 million is secured and 19 projects were supported, which will result in the installation of 172 integrated photovoltaic power plants with a total connected power of 11.58 MW, i.e. 12.37 MW peak.

The program implementation plan in the Republic of Croatia is focused on energy efficiency measures and the use of renewable energy sources, with focus on solar energy, sea energy and geothermal energy.

Experience photovoltaic power plants through augmented reality

With the Equinox XR app, you can learn more technical information about photovoltaic power plants in a virtual way through augmented reality technology. Move freely around the location, explore and get to know the displayed augmented reality content.

Instructions for using the application:

Visit location with available AR content

Note: The application works on modern mobile phones that support augmented reality and are on the list of ARCore supported devices.

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