Intensive activities continued on Climate Action Zlatibor project

In the past two weeks, activities within the Climate Action Zlatibor project from the EUKI program continued intensively.

In the penultimate week of September, the representative of REA North, Denis Premec, participated in the regular EUKI conference in Berlin, together with about seventy other project representatives from all over Europe.

The 5th regular EUKI conference in Berlin was the opportunity to meet around seventy other representatives of projects from all over Europe. This two-day conference resulted with a high-quality exchange of experiences and brought us new knowledge and useful contacts.

In the last week of September, a second study trip was organized and conducted in Brussels intended for the project team and leading personnel from the Regional Development Agency Zlatibor and municipal representatives of the Zlatibor district.

The organization received great support from the Fedarene, a parent organization of European energy agencies, with whose help an event was held at the Royal Library of Belgium ( entitled “Energy Agencies as Key Facilitators of Sustainable Economic Development”.

At the event, senior representatives of Fedarene shared useful experiences and guidelines to the project team for the further development of the existing Competence center in Užice. The study trip continued by participating in the European Sustainable Energy Week 2022 and thereby concluded this intensive series of activities.

Thus, September 2022 was the month in which more live collaboration with the project team was achieved than in the entire “covid” year of 2021.

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