Map of Solar Potential

The City of Varazdin won the first prize for the Map of Solar Potential

At the awarding of the National Environmental Prize Green Prix 2022, the City of Varazdin won the first prize for the project Map of Solar Potential.

The award was given in the category of local and regional self-government units for the period from 2021 to 2022.

The City of Varazdin, in cooperation with GDi and the Regional Energy Agency North, created a web platform with a map of the solar potential of the City of Varazdin, with the aim of combating energy poverty and mitigating the consequences of the current war and pandemic COVID-19.

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Through an interactive web application, the map of solar potential allows the citizens of the City of Varazdin and all 9 suburbs to calculate the recommended power of the solar power plant on their own facilities that can be found on the interactive map. The solar map as a result also shows the investment costs of installation, energy savings and CO2 emissions through interesting comparisons and most importantly, the profitability of the investment.

Furthermore, the map is user-friendly, easy to use and provides information on all the steps citizens need to go through to successfully install solar power plants on the roofs of their homes.

The solar map is also compatible with public calls for co-financing the construction of solar power plants by the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency, as it also provides a calculation of the profitability of solar power plants with 40 % co-financing by the Fund.

The map was made as part of the Social Green project from the Interreg Europe Programme, and since the public presentation REA North has received over 120 inquiries from interested citizens through the contact form, regarding related further steps in the process of building the power plant. This green transition encourages the achievement of goals defined by the SECAP of the City of Varazdin.

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