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Official visit to the StadtLABOR company and their Living Lab concept

As part of the Green AURA project, representatives from REA North, the cities of Koprivnica and Varazdin, the University of Pécs, and the Development Agency of Pécs visited StadtLABOR in Graz.

StadtLABOR Representatives introduced them to the Living Lab concept and sustainable projects implemented by them.

The meeting was organized in the new neighborhoods of Smart City Graz in the area of greenLAB, where residents of multi-apartment buildings can grow their vegetables and fruits.

Besides the green gardens project, representatives from StadtLabor also presented projects promoting sustainable mobility and strengthening social relations and solidarity among citizens.

StadtLABOR visit

For the mentioned topics, StadtLabor representatives also presented good practices such as organizing free one-day bicycle repairs for all citizens, placing public transport schedule monitors in multi-apartment buildings, and workshops for repairing clothes and days of exchanging and distributing fruits and vegetables.

The visit aimed to gather new knowledge that could be replicated in Croatia and used to further develop the existing Living Lab in Koprivnica (

The project is financed by Hungary-Croatia Cross-border Co-operation Programme.

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