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Presentation about AR technology in transport was held at the Nova era prometa conference

Project manager from REA North, Zvonimir Perko, gave a presentation on the topic “Educating citizens about safe and sustainable transport using augmented reality technology” at the Nova era prometa conference in Zagreb.

The aim of this forum was to answer burning questions and problems concerning Electric, Gas, Hydrogen, and Fuel Cell Vehicles and Solutions for a Sustainable Development in Transport.

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In addition, they discussed how solutions can achieve the goals of European climate and energy policy, how the crisis in the automotive industry affects the development of electromobility, how fast and where it will be possible to drive electric scooters, and whether augmented reality technology can educate citizens about safe and sustainable transport.

Zvonimir spoke about augmented reality and presented interactive 3D AR content, which was previously, in cooperation with Equinox Vision, created through the Green AURA project.

Four locations out of a total of 14 were presented, which are related to safe and sustainable traffic, electric vehicles and charging systems, bicycle sharing systems and how to save energy through sports.

In addition, in certain locations there is the possibility of playing virtual games – assembling a bicycle, solving a quiz about ecology, learning about energy sources through history and collecting coins on the sports field. In order to further motivate citizens to learn about the benefits of electromobility, they have also designed a game in which the best competitors can win valuable prizes.

Popis AR lokacija Koprivnica

If you want to see all the locations where you can immerse yourself in the world of augmented reality and learn more, click on this link for more information.

The Nova era prometa is part of the Professional Development Program for the period 2021-2022 of the Croatian Professional Association for Energy, Mechanical Technologies, and Renewable Energy Sources (HESO) and the company ENERGETIKA MARKETING.

It gathers, for the third year in a row, all those involved in transport, vehicles, and new solutions, bringing a view into the current state of this ever-evolving industry.  

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